School Programs

During School

Lyons Pride Program

The Lyons School recognizes positive behavior and academic accomplishments through a unique school wide program called “Lyon’s Pride”. Students earn a Lion lapel pin and lanyard when they memeorize and recite the Lyon School Pledge. Students are encouraged to wear their lanyard and pins on Fridays to show school spirit and pride in their accomplishements.

Yearly Bookswaps

Bookswaps are a great way for our students to swap the books they've read and accumulated over the years. We invite ask our students to bring several books (in good condition) that they've previously enjoyed and are willing to part with. We display them in tables at the library, and let our studnets exchange their books.
Voices and Visions Art Exhibit

We do a yearly art exhibit that highlights the drawings, paintings, and arts & crafts projects of our students.

Other Programs

Very Important Men's Club (VIM)

Once each month our Very Important Men (VIM) at the Lyons School, led by Mr. Rogers, the school Assistant Principal and Mr. Hinz, our physical education teacher, meet with a group of Very Important Men in our students lives. We invite any male who plays an important role in a students life, whether it is as a father, grandfather, uncle, brother or mentor, to come to our school to participate in the VIM Club.

The VIM Club gets together to hold discussions, share concerns, learn about specific topics from guest speakers, and find out what their special student(s) are doing. The VIM club also sponsors 4 family school events annually; these may be game nights, bowling or skating nights or guest speaker presentations. For more information contact: Mr. Rogers at 781-961-6253.